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Access to Services Porfolio in PDF formatCompanies are faced with changing times in which ICTs have become the basic support for achieving strategic objectives, provinding the company with new areas of business and the differentiating elements that give them an edge over their competitors. However, the complexity of techonological models applied to the new way of doing business requires the collaboration of experts capable of optimising not only the system, technical resources and applications but also the management of those systems so clients can focus on their core business. It is now necessary to deliver a constant and stable service at a predictable cost with the agreed quality level. And this is where the concept of the services provided by SATEC taken on renewed importance.

The services offered by SATEC are being revealed as a key differentiationg element which contributes to the success of the client's business.



The services offered by SATEC cover the daily activities needed to keep ICT resources up to date, secure, productive, consistent and available at all times to the client's organisation.
SATEC acts not only as a supplier but also as a technological partner of the client, playing the role of facilitator.

SATEC offers a broad spectrum of services which are increasingly geared to the real business needs of our clients, always supported by the latest technologies.

In addition to the common support, maintenance, assistance ans other tasks, SATEC is involved in taking control of the network and fostering automated and ongoing management of the systems. SATEC does not wait until a problem occurs in the information network to be solved by the distributor. In other words, it converts technology unto a way of increasing productivity through prevention.

Portfolio of SATEC Services

SATEC Services are based on a modular, scalable and open architecture that allows us to adapt to the different needs of our clients.

The portfolio of SATEC services is divided into different service modules that allows us to adapt our services to the real need of our clients. The following graph provides a summary: