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Turnkey EPC Contracting & Advisory Services For Renewable Energy Developers

Our renewable energy line of business is committed to providing renewable energy developers with the most innovative solutions at all stages of their projects.

The mission of our renewable energy line of business is to help renewable energy developers catch the full range of opportunities that arise in the ever-changing renewable sector environment.

The global renewable energy industry has experienced tremendous growth since the turn of the century. In recent years, there has been a notable global trend towards more innovation, productivity and cost-competitiveness, particularly in the solar power and wind power generation sectors. At local level, regulation is making progress rapidly in the direction of clean energy promotion, though with is a great deal of disparities from country to country.

Our advisory services are targeted at local, regional and international renewable energy developers seeking the right blend of global thinking and local action. We provide innovative solutions in structuring, management and execution of solar photovoltaic projects.

Our EPC contracting division focuses on planning, building and operating solar photovoltaic facilities. We offer turnkey engineering, procurement and construction services that guarantee execution excellence in the most demanding project environments.


The most advanced and complete Photovoltaic Management and Operation system in the market

Many of the accepted industry standards and metrics are not supported by efficient, reliable or detailed data measurement mechanisms.

The Photovoltaic Energy Sector is still at the early stages of development and has a deficit of historical or exhaustive information to project and control energy generation performance. The Satec Photovoltaic plant management system brings a much greater level of information integrity and detail to the management and control of photovoltaic businesses.

More than just a PV SCADA system we have developed a complete Operation and Management System for the monitoring, control and management of solar photovoltaic plants.

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