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Corporate Responsibility

SATEC's corporate responsiblity policy arises out of our vocation and efforts to be a respected and valued member of the surrounding communities. It is manifested in our mission, which revolves around the creation of value and hence sustainable development and consequential generation and distribution of wealth, social commitment and respect to the people and the environmental care.  

At SATEC, we want to be a point of reference in our community and our industry in technological, economic and social development. We want to promote the creation of stable, quality employment in an environment that provides opportunities which contribute to personal growth, integrity, talent and creativity as well as teamwork. We take our legal and fiscal obligations in all of the countries where we do business very seriously and where we adhere to the highest ethical standards in the management of our business and our relations with interest groups. And all of this is based on our ongoing efforts to strengthen three fundamental values:

  • The development of our human and organisational capital based on a commitment to promote our professionals through the constant acquisition of knowledge and training the most recent technologies and methods.
  • Customer satisfaction based on a firm commitment to offer innovative solutions and services that contribute to the evolution, productivity and effectiveness of their business.
  • The profitability that strengthens our Company thanks to technological innovation and an understanding of and empathy with market needs.

All in a pleasant, healthy and safe atmosphere, respectufl of the environment, striving to conciliate the professional and family lives of our staff in an effort to achieve our sole objective as a business group: The Creation of Value.