How can companies help during this sanitary crisis?

Companies should focus on addressing the issue in advance. By staying one step ahead and identifying on time who, within their organisation, needs personal assistance will be key in their attempt to support employees throughout this global pandemic.


What is satec doing?

We are building a software platform that will help us measure the impact of Covid19 among our employees. This innovative tool results from a combination of several in-house telemedicine products, and ensures GDPR and data privacy compliance.


How does this platform work and how can it help other organisations?

Following the official Covid-19 questionnaires, our platform collects the necessary data among our workforce to know the health status of our employees and their families. This allows us to identify people at risk or already infected who need care through volunteers in the organization (local activists) and dedicated health personnel to take care of them remotely. We hope to save lives, while facilitating early medical information to sanitary institutions.

Below, we recorded several videos during the confinement
to explain this initiative in more detail.

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