We have been working with the main telecommunications service operators in the Spanish and international markets for more than 20 years, providing them with our unique experience in the design, deployment, development, management and maintenance of their infrastructure and services as well as their operations support systems (OSS) and business support systems (BSS).

Thanks to our comprehensive knowledge of the ICT market, both in terms of demand (client needs) and offer (technology alternatives and manufacturer or open-source solutions available), we collaborate with telecommunications service operators in developing and implementing innovative solutions and services of value to their customers, therefore contributing to their businesses’ growth and improvement.

In addition, as the result of our extensive experience and knowledge of international best practices (eTOM/ITIL), we help telecommunications service operators to optimise their business processes, and we may even take on responsibility for executing these on their behalf through implementing an advanced outsourcing model (BPO services).

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We are prepared to support telecommunications service operators in the digital transformation they must tackle, contributing in this regard with innovative services and solutions and the systematic application of simplification, virtualisation and automation techniques and methodologies.

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Public Administration

From the outset, all public administrations (central, regional and local) have been and continue to be one of our main client sources. We have collaborated with them on many modernisation and digital service generation activities.

Today, when the prevailing paradigm is digital transformation as the highest expression of efficiently providing a greater number of services to citizens, our options have been focused on four main areas:

Industry and utilities

Few sectors have better understood the message of process optimisation than the industry and utilities sector. SATEC has traditionally provided its technological knowledge in deploying infrastructure and tools in the field of communications and information systems. Today, we keep in step with our message regarding the new trends of Industry 4.0, providing solutions in the areas of transparency, interaction and intelligence, as described by the Fraunhofer Institute.

Our options are structured according to the following areas:


The health industry is one of the sectors that accepted digital transformation even before the concept was coined. This is an industry in which technology has not only sought to optimise the process, but in which it has radically changed the process in many cases. Proof of this lies in the high quality of our health service in relation to its cost, but that shouldn’t detract from or cease to highlight the key aspect of its success, which is its excellent health professionals.
In this context, our specific health options are focused on the following areas (as a complement to our general options):


The environmental sector is destined to be one of the most strategic industries in technology development, and there are three reasons for this. The first, and most concerning, is the fact that climate change has led to the proliferation of increasingly adverse phenomena, which involves the needs for greater monitoring in a bid to anticipate risks and improve the response. The second is derived from the growing need to optimise and monitor sustainable development processes in the agricultural sector in particular, in order to curtail water consumption, minimise waste and, consequently, improve production. Thirdly, it seeks to satisfy the growing demand for environmental information and monitoring data on plant and animal life, both for tourism and academic purposes.
Our options and experience in this case is organised as follows:

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